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Be sure to stay connected, and when you post about how you're helping the Monarch butterfly population, use the hashtag #saveourbutterflies.

Migrating Murals

A series of murals created by Ink Dwell studio that highlights threatened and endangered wildlife along the migration corridors they share with people. The second Migrating Mural launched in September 2017 and focuses on the iconic monarch butterfly. The federal government is currently considering the monarch for endangered species status.

The purpose of the Migrating Mural is to expose the public to endangered, elusive and transient animals that otherwise go unseen. It highlights animal migration routes while beautifying human migration routes and catalyzes both wildlife conservation and public art.

Migrating Mural Fs

The premier central Florida mural, titled Milkweed Galaxy, features monarchs painted in exacting detail and spectacular color and appears across the entire front façade of Full Sail Live 3 located at 3150 University Boulevard in Winter Park, Fla. It is surrounded by butterfly-friendly landscaping. The mural is highly visible to the public from University Boulevard, where approximately 40,000 viewers pass by each day.

Migrating Mural Dtown

The second mural, titled Midnight Dream, is located in downtown Orlando across the entire rear wall of 520 South Magnolia Avenue. Facing Orange Avenue, the arresting and dramatic mural highlights monarch butterflies among their essential milkweed.